About us

our values


The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. conducts and develops research projects, initiatives, presentations, and studies pertaining to social and mental health disparities to contribute to the overall social well-being of others.  

  • Commitment to ethical and honest business practices where decisions are made in the best interest of the community and its overall well-being

  • Adequate research and studies are needed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of social and public health disparities to develop competent preventative intervention strategies

long live life

Long Live Life Youth Initiative is a city-wide initiative integrated with a youth program focused on averting violent behaviors, reducing victimization , and preventing violent acts from reoccurring .

  • Uphold and respect the values of others

  • Social and public health awareness are necessary for a productive society, the social well-being of individuals in the community, and is an effective deterrent against stereotypes and stigmas

  • Social and public health awareness are critical to encourage treatment acceptance and to assist those who may be experiencing such disparities

  • Holistic health is essential to the development and realization of every individual’s optimal potential

  • Embracing individual differences among consumers and the community that we serve by treating all with dignity and mutual respect

mission & vision

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. was organized to promote holistic health awareness and alleviate stigmas that are associated with disparaging social and mental adversities through education, outreach, advocacy, and research.

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are IRS tax exempt. The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is dedicated to reducing social and public health disparities and stigma through service, advocacy, education, & research. For over 7 years, the Mental Health Initiative, Inc. has concentrated its resources and outreach services on addressing stigmas, education, assistance, and advocacy. Additionally, the organization's objective is to encourage consumer advocacy and individual empowerment among Middle Tennesseans.