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The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. was organized to bring awareness of social and public health disparities, reduce stigma, and promote holistic health through education, advocacy, research, outreach, and community service. The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax exempt.

Community Health Improvement

A review of Community Health Needs Assessments from across the nation identified lack of access to care, obesity and behavioral and mental health conditions as the most commonly identified priority community health concerns. Help raise awareness and increase understanding of the vital role of community health improvement strategies, emphasizing the social determinants of health. Post on social media about your community health improvement efforts using. #LongLiveLIfe

The Mental Health Initiative, Inc.’s mission is to restore hope among those who may be suffering from social or public health challenges by inspiring them to “Learn, Accept, and Recover.” 

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Loren Hardeman, M.S., MBA


Jonathan Adair, M.S.

Founder, President, & CEO

For over 7 years, The Mental Health Initiative, Inc. has been dedicated to bringing awareness and reducing stigma of social and public health disparities through education, advocacy, research, service, and outreach. We strive to inform the general public and assist those experiencing such adversities by providing sufficient access to quality care, updated resources, and effective services. Our mission is to restore hope and encourage others to...

“Learn, Accept, and Recover!” 

The Mental Health Initiative Inc. has successfully launched its Long Live Life Youth Initiative and Program using innovative and creative approaches to assist in reducing Middle TN’s excessive youth violence rate.  

  • Facilitating community-wide activities, workshops, panel discussions, presentations, professional networking events, trainings, consumer advocacy projects, social justice campaigns, voter registration drives, town hall meetings, blood drives, and more.

  • Providing social and mental health treatment assistance such as providing psychosocial assessments, case management, consultation, and counseling

  • Promoting holistic health in order to alleviate stigmas and stereotypes regarding disparaging social and mental adversities.

  • Engaging in community service and outreach to bring awareness to social and mental health disparities

  • Advocating for more legislative changes and policy issues that may have a deleterious impact on the social welfare of communities

  • Embracing individual differences among consumers and the community that we serve by treating all with dignity and mutual respect

  • Conducting research, studies, and collecting data that contribute to the overall social well-being of others 

  • Providing consistent quality public health services and assistance

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